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Post by Ronaldo on Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:22 pm


My name is William, and i love to help people out in private servers such as this one, i am very active and trust worthy people love who i am because i am also respectful, i played so many servers in the past that i have people saying i am one of the best mods in other private servers, but i think this server is the best it has a nice community and a nice eco, i also enjoy playing this server because i can meet new people and get my friends to join as . i let you guys get to know me also i love to play soccer, watch movies, play sports such as soccer mostly. i am Hispanic lol and i live in USA. Thanks. if anyone has a question please let me know i help you out the best i can. also if you wanna be friends let me know. Thanks and adios !


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